Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to Survive and Thrive as a Break-in Dealer


Okay, so you're on the way to fame and riches as a Las Vegas dealer. Sure you're in a house now where you're earning under a $100 a night usually. But one day if you play your cards right (hahaha) you'll be earning over $70,000 a year.

But how do you make sure you survive the many pitfalls of a break-in dealer? How do you thrive in the meantime?

Here are some simple guidelines that can help you make it to the Big House.

These come from dealers with decades of experience in Las Vegas gaming, so listen up and make sure you stay on the right track.

First Rule: Never correct your own mistakes on a table game.

When you make a mistake on the table always call the Floor over. Remember you're being watched by Surveillance and you're handling thousands of dollars so every move you make is being watched by the Eye carefully.

Even if you've called your Floor over several times already and you don't want to look stupid by calling him over again- call the Floor boss over anyway. You just have to do it.

My dealing mentor who has 30 years experience told me that she's seen dealers get fired for making their own corrections. (I HATE when that happens...) And these are dealers with years of experience. A break-in dealer on probation or with less than a year's experience is even more vulnerable.

Second Rule: Never argue with your Floor.

Just do exactly what they say. He is the supervisor and if anything goes wrong it's on him or her. Plus when things are stressful during a game and a fast decision needs to be made it is best if only one person is making it. There is little room for a quarrelsome dealer in a break-in house.

More to come ...

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jobs Galore in Vegas!


Ok, folks, this is the first wave of the great opportunity for Vegas dealers (and all hotel employees as a matter of fact).

Vegas Baby has been very unsatisfied with his financial outlook lately. Having to dodge cops because of not being able to register his car, let alone cover his other bills has been driving him to distraction, not that that is hard to do.

Some days he would just sit at home in his digital cavern doing his own online thing and avoiding going out, not leaving the house once to spare him unnecessary drama and terrible costs if he gets stopped by Metro or the Highway Patrol.

He asked to be promoted to dual rate supervisor/dealer since many of his fellow scrub dealers are doing so and they are getting almost 40 hours of work every week. He then hit up break-in casinos around town, especially downtown for full time jobs. As well as signing up at the Dealers Employment Agency and a Temp agency for telemarketing gigs. None of which yielded any fruit.

Now suddenly he realizes that the first big shift in the dealer employment in the Vegas scene that his Vegas Mom and Dad have been telling him about which will make dealing a very lucrative career in a third of the time it took them is upon him. The first wave of an impending three. Next is City Center and then the Encore.

City Center

Wynn's Encore

Just 3 days ago Vegas Baby planned on settling for 40 hours a week at a break- in casino so he could make ends meet at about $31 grand a year. But as he became aware that the new casino expansion opening was looming and he was coaching a fellow break-in at the Imperial Princess who had 9 months experience to shoot for the top casinos and start making $70 grand a year plus, it hit him.

Vegas Baby has Juice.... Sure he has to learn his games and still hit the pavement to hustle for the good jobs but not like this gal did. Sure she was a cute young and pretty Asian girl, but she didn't have a patron in the industry that's famous for connections to achieve career advancement. He has Juice!

So he called Vegas Mom and introduced the idea of exercising said juice next month. She sputtered and backtracked.... Vegas Baby realizes she doesn't want to be embarassed by her ADDled brained son. And he understands her sentiment. No one wants to look bad to peers they have known for decades.

But Vegas Baby has grown much in the past decade. Sure he got into trouble in his 20s and never held a job for long until his 40s. BUT he did hold a banking job for over 6 years recently and he is sure that fact motivated Vegas Mom to encourage him to get into gaming with the idea of her using her influence for him- something she never would have done 10 years ago when he tried dealing previously withou daring to breathe a syllable about using her juice for him.

So, this is the scoop for the Vegas dealing scene:

The Venetian, a very posh megaresort, is about to double with an expansion called The Palazzo. Where they will be hiring beaucoup dealers- and there will be hundreds of them who will be putting their 2 week notices in around Wednesday, November 28th, he would guess, since Palazzo's Orientation starts on December 11. So he figured the rest of the casinos in Vegas will get the idea that they will have to do massive hiring around Monday, December 2nd. And smart, savvy dealers like him and those who read this blog will be hitting the casino bosses up that Monday.

Sooo, while Vegas Baby will be hitting up break-in downtown casinos and elswhere in town, hell, even Mesquite! he is also gonna probe for positions at his 3 fave casinos all of which generate more than $70,000 a year in income and are truly dream jobs as far as morale and a great working environment go.

Vegas Baby is getting excited!