Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prayer Train

There's a train of people in my wake
as I journey through life,
people I love and have compassion for,
whom I pray for.
Interceding with heaven,
that I may enjoy their company for eternity in paradise,
rejoicing together in our fellowship with God,
that eternity-long celebration,
and asking that their earthly sufferings be alleviated
and also made to enrich their lives
as Christ's sufferings enriches ours.

I have a lovely train of friends, beloveds and family-
all of whom I hope the best for,
they bring love to my life,
may I ever be so rich....

written tonight at 3 am in Chapel of Perpetual Adoration

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Nearness of God

I come to the nearness of God in this special, quiet place
With other lowly pilgrims seeking his touch.
I am blessed with the comforts of a caring and present God
In this always open chapel.

I come to the nearness of God and ask of him
Pertaining to all of my desires and all my questions.
I am surrounded by silence and the thoughts of God
In the chapel of adoration.

I come to the nearness of God, afforded in this nook of the church,
Grateful for how close my God is to me,
By his own choice, by his own sacrament,
In this chapel containing his body.

I come to the nearness of God, hungry and hopeful,
Desiring the keeping of promises, glad of his faithfulness,
Eager to receive in the silence
In the Eucharistic chapel.

God is good....

just written at 2 am in the St Bridgets Chapel of Perpetual Adoration