Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Well, I really have to congratulate Barack Obama on a clear victory last night. And to all his supporters, especially to black Americans, this can do nothing but make them feel they are a solid part of the American story.

I was dismayed when I saw that McCain lost and was getting close to panicking when I heard two co-workers say it was a landslide. For a couple hours the implications were staggering me. But I looked it up in Wikipedia when I got home and was relieved to find out an electoral landslide was more like Reagan's 489 to Carter's 49, much different from Obama's current 349 to McCain's 161.

Whew, so, America is not giving the Democrats a mandate from the people. They haven't totally repudiated conservatism, the Republican Party and Sarah Palin completely.

Then the fears swirled around in my head: economic ruin, military defeats, no freedom of speech from the fairness doctrine, self-prostituting judges, 24 hour Chris Matthews and a return to partial birth abortions, among others....

Then came the impulse to declare myself as Obama's loyal opposition, veeeery loyal to him and veeeery opposed to his every liberal thrust. That brought me to thinking more and more about the future which caused me to consider the past. What's the best thing to do when losing a battle? Counterattack!

In my opinion, the best response we could take following a disaster of a liberal presidency after he totally tanks the economy- and I'm not talking 6% unemployment and one quarter of economic downturn, like we have now, I'm talking about double digit unemployment, widespread company bankruptcies, quarter after quarter of negative growth, sort of like stagflation under Jimmy Carter, where the whole country is dominated by a general malaise, then it would be up to us to reassert conservative principles into the public narrative.

So, God help us, true Republican reformers in 2012, like Sarah Palin, people who have already KICKED corrupt Republican ASS, can lay into the Republican leadership and the Democrats too, reform government on the federal level and usher in a new Reaganism, that may just provide decades, once again, of freedom and economic prosperity. It could just happen.


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