Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I think the dream is dying, folks...


It looks like dark times are ahead for Vegas Baby. He just completed a weeklong foray in talking to casino shift bosses all over town. What he found is ominous.

Station casinos recently laid off dealers so all the job openings listed on the Net were going to go the returning dealers.

Golden Nugget shift boss said because of the economic downturn she didnt see any openings for the rest of the year.

There was only one part time job opening he discovered and that had tips that were way too low to help him.

Then today the Treasure Island shift boss said the entire MGM/Mirage casino group had an indefinite hiring freeze, ffs! His juice casinos are under that umbrella. This doesn't look good. Not one bit.

There's a possibility of a decent income as a Dealer-Tainer where he would impersonate a celebrity and get to keep his own tips. But that's only IF his casino will lift the black-listing (as they promised to do) that they imposed on his junior casino dealers in time for him to make money before they take Vegas Baby away in shackles.

His romantic interest has told him that he can;t do some of the things he wants to with her until his finances stop listing to starboard (and who can blame her?). And hours later he realizes that the Vegas Baby dream may be dead.

Dark days, folks... dark days.