Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Changes In His Life

Some of Vegas Baby's dreams die and others survive.

The woman he loved decided she wanted to go back to her ex when she found out how grave her cancer threat was. However, she was rebuffed by him and she came back to Vegas Baby apologizing for hurting him three days after he broke off contact, telling her he didn't do love triangles. But, nonetheless, she still wanted to reconcile with the old flame.

So Vegas Baby took the hint, and decided to move on with his life, although the gravity of her health demanded he support her through her sojourn through the valley of the shadow of death until she came clear of it and walked in the light of day again.

He was troubled, for he loved her so and felt so bereft, and he wrestled with his soul for days until he realized that his only option was indeed to go on with his life as she urged him to do and seek to make his life as good as he can and find a woman to love who was ready for him. She was even openly encouraging him to seduce another woman and all so, obviously, she was over him.

So he found the wherewithal to go on when a man advised him to thank her for bringing an end to the lover relationship and agree with her that it would be a good idea for them to go their separate romantic ways. It all became so clear to him.

He had beautiful Rhyannon in Second Life who was full of wise advice and clarified for him the truth behind the dynamics between him and her and her ex. They had a 4 year history together and she loved the guy and he only had 5 months of a torrid (at least for him) romance with her. There really was no comparison.

Sure, she had mentioned love and marriage and babies at one time- but that was in passing. He mistook her meaning and got carried away. He envisioned decades of love and all that goes with it. But the truth soon caught up with his foolish fantasies and she let him know where her heart lay. It shook him- shook him deep, but warm Rhyannon was there to kindly explain it to him and even offer comfort and she may even visit him in real life at his casino (she said she wants to bring him a bottle of his favorite scotch).

He has opportunities for romance and ardor in Second Life and at work with Sasa and Korean Mary and with some friends from his past. Vegas Baby's ex-lover was right- he needs to get on with his life....

Monday, June 2, 2008

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