Saturday, January 5, 2008

The State of Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby is on the edge...

Two unpaid tickets have gone to warrant with another pending. Bank just mentioned repossession of his new car, he cant afford to register it, his bank acct crashed again and is $200 in the hole and the gas tank is empty and his 2 angels are done helping (not that he blames them) and he's got $5 for the next 6 days...

His millionaire ex wife is still hitting him for hundreds a month for back child support. His impoverished ex wife lends him $40 here, $100 there and cheers him on.

Vegas Baby is not a lazy man. Most men and women will roll up their sleeves and get another job like Vegas Mom used to literally scream at him to do. Vegas Baby's been resisting working a second job because bipolar kicks his ass when he does.....

He's had a knife pulled on him before

The last time he worked two shifts a week, when he was still pit clerking at the MGM Grand and going through Imperial Princess's orientation he couldn't recall anything seconds after receiving verbal instructions, his eyes burned for days, mania began to set in, his personality changed and he starting getting violent.... When he informed Vegas Mom about all this she said, "Well, then, you better quit your MGM job...."

Though it makes him cringe, sometimes Vegas Baby has to pause and admit to his innermost self that even though at times he is rather functional and has never had psychosis, nevertheless, he is indeed seriously mentally ill. His ruined Naval career stands as dark testimony to that as well as a dozen other dismal monuments.

Vegas Baby's only 6 months from getting the verifiable 12 month experience the posh casinos want at which point he can get juiced in to his $80,000 plus a year glorious dealing job. But can he make it?

The parent corporation of the Imperial Princess has some rule going and they won't let him transfer to their other properties and they haven't given him more than 3.5 days a week of work for months now.

He's in a dire race to beat the jailers and repo men to the finish line; its getting awfully close and doubts assail him. Then he hit upon a plan as he was adding up the hundreds and hundreds of dollars he needs to get himself out of the hole.

So, he went to the casino boss, Johnny, who originally hired him, an affable upfront guy, who, unbeknownst to him until the day he was interviewed, used to play golf with Vegas Dad when he was a dualie at the same casino years earlier. He told the boss that his finances were going down the tube and he was about to drown and asked him for help getting a full time dealing job at another casino.

He specifically asked to not be promoted to the sister casino where IP dealers got promoted to, because he didn't want to generate hurt feelings of his fellow dealers. But Johnny told him he couldn't lift the blacklist to other properties. He said he would see if he could get him an audition at the sister casino.

Later that day he spoke with Vegas Mom and she said to not worry about what others may feel. That he had to think of himself first. He had to get himself established in Vegas and pay his bills. That this sort of thing happened all the time.

He spoke with Vegas Daughter and she pointed out that any of his dealing friends would do the same thing if they got offered a boost up.

So, perhaps things may turn around for Vegas Baby before he gets thrown in jail or his car is repo'd. It will be about another month before the auditions start. He did go to the Tuscany and audition for a full time job, though he thinks the boss had already ruled him out before he started because he didn't audition him on roulette like he did the other 4 prospective dealers before him.

In the meantime Vegas Baby is looking for a second job at Slots A Fun and Dealer's Employment Agency hoping he can ride the bipolar wave without hurting someone on the road.

If he does get promoted to the sister casino then his income would increase two and a half times. Vegas Baby is crossing his fingers and saying his prayers....